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    Why would you choose to migrate to Canada?

    Canada has since long held a reputation for being a migrant-friendly country. The country welcomes migrants and helps them in integrating with the culture of Canadian culture.

    As other western countries have made their immigration rules more stringent with time, Canada has become the popular choice with students, skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and investors looking for growth and work opportunities.

    PearVisa – Reasons why Canada is a top choice for immigration

    Friendly immigration laws

    The Canadian government announced in 2017, that it planned on welcoming higher than 1 million settlers in the next 3 years. Canada has policies that aim at bringing skilled workers and students from around the globe into the country which makes immigrating to the country easier than other western states.

    Economy –

    Canada boasts of having the 10th biggest economy in the world. 953,000 jobs have been added to the economy as businesses reopened after the pandemic. The country is service-oriented and provides numerous opportunities to people with the right skills.

    Job opportunities –

    Canada has experienced a shortage in the number of skilled workers present in the country which has led the government to welcome people with the right skills from around the world. There are numerous job vacancies available in the Health, retail, and business sectors with 80% of them being full-time vacancies.

    Free Healthcare –

    Canada has an exemplary healthcare system in place which provides free healthcare services to its residents with no hidden costs and is touted as the future of healthcare. The country provides excellent services and believes in equal and great healthcare for all of its residents and citizens under Medicare.

    Education system –

    Canada houses some of the best universities in the world and provides numerous options in terms of courses and programs. Universities also offer post work options which makes getting a PR easier as compared to other countries. It’s a popular choice for international students making Canada a top contender for higher education.

    Immigration Consultant in Canada

    How can PearVisa ease your migration to Canada?

    PearVisa is an excellent consulting firm that presents numerous services to ensure that your transit to a new country is stable and hassle-free. Our team works tirelessly to guarantee that your new ideal life can be performed in a legal and transparent method.

    PearVisa manages your papers from the very start and organizes all your documents in an orderly manner which leaves our clients with no concerns about obtaining various papers. We understand the busy lives of our clients and ensure that they can continue their work without additional stress related to immigration papers.

    PearVisa has associates present in Canada who provide continuous support to students, skilled workers and new entrepreneurs in achieving their goals and helping them in integrating with the Canadian culture.

    We help our clients in navigating the various categories to which an applicant can apply to. We evaluate your points via our Canadian Point Calculator which tabulates how many points you have to apply for a PR.

    Often the process of obtaining a Visa can make people feel clueless because of less information available to them. PearVisa ensures proper communication and shares expert knowledge which enables you in making the right choice.

    We take satisfaction in our work and dispense complete transparency with our customers. Giving honest consultations and prepping our customers for interviews through professionals who have great experience with immigration.

    We assist our clients through the Employment readiness course and train them for their jobs abroad ensuring that they have the required skills which can help them outshine in their new profession. We also help our customers in preparing excellent resumes according to the needs of their dream jobs.

    For students who want to move to Australia we not only provide help by accessing their qualification and guiding them in applying to various institutions but also help them in the process that comes after getting admission and help a student in settling in their lives by providing them with accommodation and handling air travels.