Canada is a diversified and economically stable nation and a place where people desire to move since it provides an alluring lifestyle with a magnificent and harmonious ambiance has resulted in a significant increase in immigrants.

Canada is a diversified and economically stable nation that has resulted in a significant increase in immigrants.

Canada offers a wide range of opportunities for immigrants with numerous career options. Easy immigration policies, outstanding quality of education system with health care incentives are a good deal for optimistic individuals. 

The Canadian government supervises over 80 immigration programs that allow immigrants to work and settle down in Canada. Canada has one of the highest immigration rates among the other OECD countries, with over 0.7 percent of the population coming each year

There are several options towards becoming a Canadian Permanent Resident. Each of these has a different series of eligibility criteria.



You can apply for both permanent and provisional Canadian immigration domains. As a Canadian permanent resident, you have access to similar perks as a Canadian citizen.

There are a lot of privileges amidst these, the most significant ones are free education for children, universal healthcare benefits for the entire family, and all employment rights under employment laws for ones with the PR.

Permanent residency in Canada is awarded for an extent of five years and could be reauthorized. You can claim Canadian citizenship after staying in Canada as a PR for at least three years out of five years. Furthermore, you must accomplish the additional prerequisites.

If you are an aspiring individual looking for PR immigration in Canada, the immigration firms offer a variety of patronage assistance, with their licensed experts and professional advisors, who assign provisions for entire visa processes. 

To be an authorized Canadian Immigration advisor you must have a graduation diploma in immigration and citizenship, then qualify for the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council’s Entry-to-Practice Exam.

Best PR Consultants in Canada are an absolute necessity for immigrants, as these professionals can guide you in accomplishing the difficult, tedious, and expensive immigration procedure on the first run.

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