Fondly called the maple syrup land, Canada’s economic growth has been quite fascinating through the previous years. Amongst the world’s richest economies, Canada encourages the migration of more and more foreign nationals into the beautiful country. Canada’s Immigrant programs have put it on the world’s stage as a place to start a new life with a better lifestyle. While the government has aimed to welcome more than a million new residents, the immigration procedure is quite transparent. Coming in a bucket full of benefits, Canada has loads to offer. 

But before we convince and assure you of the decision to go overseas, you need to spot and hire the best Visa Consultants for the legal process and formalities one is adhered to; for migrating to Canada. A visa consulate firm will have their substitute Visa Consultants in Canada to simplify the process from building up a well-presented application to your settling down in the foreign land. They will help you file a plea and make you aware of the eligibility requirements.

Let’s discuss the benefits of having Permanent residency in Canada-

  1. The great education system offers free education to children up to 18 years of age and reduced fees for University kids of permanent residents.
  2. Permanent citizens are provided free of cost medical care.
  3. With increasing job opportunities, one can get a high paying job 
  4. Permanent residency allows an individual to live in Canada for five years. 
  5. The country provides a safe, secure environment with high standards of living.

You might be willing to apply for a Canada PR after being aware of the benefits! However, there are some requirements required to fulfill to immigrate to Canada-

– 67 out of 100 points in the point-based exam

– Have financial support

– Skilled workers’ employment should fall under the Skilled Occupation List

– Eligibility in language, education, and work experience.

– Adaptability to the environment

Visa Consultants in Canada

How to get PR In Canada?

To apply for a Canada PR and seek immigration, there are five categories one can apply  in-

  • Express Entry
  • Family Class Immigration
  • Provincial Nominee Program
  • Business  Immigration
  • Atlantic Immigration

Our team has skilled professionals; who will provide you extensive knowledge of the programs and guide you through the process. The team at Pearvisa Visa Consultants in Canada personally and closely follows up on all your migration problems.

Well, you also need to have some documents to apply for PR. here is the list of the required documents

  • IELTS Score.
  • Medical and police clearance certificates.
  • Identity Proof.
  • Valid and up-to-date Passport.
  • Education Transcripts.
  • Employment letter.
  • Work Experience Letter.

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