Post pandemic, things have been changed now and people have become more alert in traveling, there are specific guidelines that every country have stated for traveling. For traveling into Canada, you need to follow some simple ways by which you can successfully cross the borders and land in your desired province of Canada. Some of the very popular and renowned immigration ways are followed in the visa industry for Canada and we will be discussing the same. If you hire a professional visa consultant in Canada then, you can ask your doubts and queries for immigrating to Canada in 5 simplest ways that will be explained briefly. 

Given below are the 5 simplest ways to immigrate to Canada in 2021:

  • Express Entry Programs: It is the most popular gateway known for Canadian immigration, from where skilled workers and immigrants with special cases can apply in their category. After application, they can fly to Canada easily.
  • Family Class Sponsorship: Family sponsorship is the native culture of Canada immigration, families living in Canada can sponsor their relatives to fly Canada by immigration process. You can fly to Canada by this means very easily and quickly.
  • LMIA Work Visa: If any individual gets a job offer by securing it, and then applies for a work visa under LMIA can also help you to immigrate to Canada. This method of immigration is usually under practice by the individual who is losing to migrate under the work visa category.
  • PNP Provincial Nominee Program: Under this program, you can apply for different types of visas offered by several provinces of Canada like Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia and many others. By this program, you can apply under the skilled worker category.
  • Canada Investor Immigration: It is the program by which an overseas business successor, can take the help of experienced business holders to invest heavily in the economy of Canada. This can be treated as an investor immigration category and they can fly to Canada by this means.

Canada PR

Canada PR can also be achieved if you fly by the above-written ways into Canada, and after landing in the country, you can apply for PR under proven work experience. Canada is widely popular for its study, job, and traveling for many years, and people from all over the world land in Canada for pursuing their needs accordingly. A proficient visa consultant in Canada will direct you from start to end and Canada PearVisa is known best for that.

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