The maple-Leaf country has always been a fascinating option for foreign nationals to migrate to and live a better life. The Federal Government of the country has always encouraged migration influx of skilled migrants into Canada. As one of the richest economies in the world, it has a dynamic and well-integrated labor market.

Most of the Canada Immigration programs offer permanent residency to skilled migrants from all corners of the world. To apply for immigration and visa processing, you need to hire an immigration consultant in Canada. Impartial knowledge of visa processing and immigration requirements can cause monetary losses and lose the chance to fly abroad. It is better to hire skilled consultants who will assist and guide you through the process.

Permanent Residency in Canada

If you ask an Immigration consultant in Canada, they will provide you numerous reasons; why one should fly abroad to the maple-leaf country. Apart from the high quality of life, one can have plentiful opportunities and leisures while residing in Canada. If you are interested in residing in Canada to enjoy life and avail of the benefits, you will require a Permanent Residency Visa. As a permanent resident of Canada, you will be able to have –

  • Healthcare benefits- The government provides free healthcare services to its citizens.
  • Education- Canada offers quality education from trained and skilled professions along with numerous options in courses or programs.
  • Work Opportunities- Qualified and skilled people have numerous work and growth opportunities in Canada.
  • Travel – A Canadian passport holder can travel to any major country without visa requirements.
  • An abundance of culture and biodiversity- Canada is culturally diverse and abundant in biodiversity.
  • Sponsor- You can sponsor your relatives to live with you in Canada under Canada Express Entry.

Eligibility Requirements

The minimum requirements for availing PR in Canada are-

  1. You need to attain a minimum of 67 points out of 100.
  2. Clear the IELTS exam with good points.
  3. Your occupation must be listed under Canada’s occupation demand list.
  4. You ought to maintain funds in your bank account for financial stability.
  5. You need to produce papers to show evidence for education, employment, language proficiency, etc.

Consulting the best PR Consultants in Canada will help you get complete assistance and guidance on the requirements of the embassy and how to go about it.


Best PR Consultants in Canada


Documents Required

One needs to produce documents based on the attributes you wish to claim points for. Below given is the list of documents required to apply for PR in Canada.

  1. Your IELTS Score Card.
  2. Educational Certificates.
  3. An updated Passport with 6 Months Validity.
  4. Identification Proof.
  5. Letters of Employment Experience.
  6. Medical Certificate.
  7. Character certificate by Police.

Best Immigration Programs for PR

There are four pathways to seek immigration and become a permanent resident of Canada. One needs to get guidance from the best PR consultants in Canada on the programs and decide accordingly to go ahead with the most suitable one.

  1. Canada Express Entry.
  2. Provincial Nominee Programs.
  3. Quebec Skilled Worker Visa.
  4. Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program 2020.

There is no definite timeline to apply for permanent residency in Canada. However, success and approval for a visa depend on one’s CRS score. Through an Immigration consultant in Canada, you will be able to prepare well for the interview procedure and get approval for a visa without any hassles.

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