Canada is considered one of the most formidable and amazing countries that people want to move in and settle for the rest of their lives. Students dream of studying in Canada, for various reasons. It can be because they want to eventually settle in the country or just because of the fact that the country has a very good education system, that can give a boost to their respective careers.

Most people know the basics about why people choose to move to a country in Canada, but there are a lot of lesser-known reasons about the country which prove that it is one of the most amazing places to live in! So, let’s look at some of these reasons, and find out if Canada is a right fit for you!

  • Canada has more lakes than every country combined! –

The country is filled with magnificent lakes and water bodies which make it one of the most touristy places in the world. People go to these beautiful and fresh lakes for fishing, dipping, and various other fun and adventurous activities at weekends with their friends and families. Permanent residency in Canada comes with a lot of perks.

  • Canada is one of the most beer-friendly countries you’ll ever find! –

Canada has a number of famous and amazing breweries of all time. The country consumes beer in large quantities, and it is believed that beer is almost every Canadian’s favorite alcohol. Budweiser, a brand which is very fondly known all over the world, belongs to Canada.

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  • Hate speech and harmful abusive language are penalized in Canada! –

Everyone has heard stories about Canadians being absolutely polite and neighborly, but only rarely know that hate speech is practically banned in the country. This fact makes sure that the citizens live and breathe in a peaceful environment.

  • Canada’s Hudson Bay region makes you weigh lesser than you actually are! –

Hudson Bay is said to have lesser gravity than the rest of the world, which makes people weigh less than they actually are in general. Canada is home to a lot of such mysteries.

  • Canada has the world’s largest coastline! –

Canada is a very large as well as beautiful country that has the largest coastline in the entire world measuring 243,042 km (includes the mainland coast and the coasts of offshore islands). The country also has the longest street in the entire world. –

  • Canada’s Wood Buffalo National Park is bigger than the entire country of Denmark! –

No doubt that the country has some amazing parks, and majestic animals in wild. The country is so huge that its Wood Buffalo National Park is larger than various countries like Denmark and Switzerland.

If you also want to move to this huge, majestic, and amazing country, call up the most eligible visa consultants in Canada, and make your dreams come true.