Canada is the appropriate USA to settle with own circle of relatives and revel in excessive dwelling requirements and excellent life. The own circle of relatives-subsidized visas is the important thing spotlight of the Canadian immigration program. 

It permits the everlasting citizens and residents to sponsor their eligible own circle of relatives members, i.e. partner, dad and mom and grandparents, structured kids, etc., to get everlasting residency in Canada. 

The spousal Sponsorship Program is the maximum famous Immigration class in Canada. Every year, tens of heaps of human beings observe for Canada Spouse /DependentVisa and acquire the same. 

What is Canada Spouse/Dependent Visa? 

The Spousal Sponsorship Program of Canada is a sub-class of the Family Sponsorship Program only. 

 It permits Canadian everlasting citizens and residents to sponsor their Spouse /Common-regulation-accomplice or structured kids for Permanent Residency in Canada. 

Who is structured? 

A structured may be the partner, not unusual place-regulation accomplice, or structured toddler of an everlasting resident or main applicant. 

Dependent toddler- A toddler who’s below the most age restriction and isn’t always married to every person or in a not unusual place regulation relationship. Usually, to qualify as dependents, kids need to be below 22 years old

now no longer have a partner or not unusual place-regulation, accomplice for Permanent Residency in Canada

Note: a toddler`s age is usually “locked-in” whilst the IRCC gets an entire utility. 

Who may be a sponsor? 

To sponsor the Canadian Spouse visa, ensure you’re associated with the subsidized character as a, 

  • Spouse
  • Common-regulation Partner
  • Conjugal Partner


Immigration Consultant in Canada

Processing time of Canadian Spouse/Dependent visa 

 Find beneath  the processing time for each partner and structured visa utility: 

  • The anticipated processing time of the spousal visa is almost 12 months.
  • For the structured toddler sponsorship utility, the processing time is about nine months. 

This processing time contains the following:

  • the time you want to offer your biometrics
  • the evaluation of the sponsor: 25 days

This processing time shows how long it took the Canadian immigration branch to manner maximum entire programs withinside the beyond 12 months. However, the IRCC can postpone or maybe go back to the utility in case it isn’t always entire. 

Eligibility Criteria to be a Spouse or be a Dependent visa 

  • You may be a sponsor of Spousal/Dependent class visa provided, elapsed. 
  • 18 years or above
  • An everlasting resident or citizen of Canada
  • Living in Canada (You can’t sponsor someone, in case you are an everlasting resident dwelling out of doors of Canada). If you’re out of doors Canada, verify that you may stay in Canada after sponsoring the partner.
  • Able to illustrate which you aren’t getting any social assistance (aside from incapacity if any)
  • Able to illustrate that you may offer primary desires to the subsidized character, i.e. your partner or accomplice
  • If you’re dwelling in Canada`s Quebec province, you want to fulfill Quebec’s situation for sponsorship WE Immigration Consultant in Canada will provide the all details..