Canada is open to site visitors from across the world, with extra than 20 million site visitors in a mean year. Visitors to Canada are required to acquire approval from the authorities of Canada earlier than they journey to the country. For many, this indicates acquiring a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) earlier than departing to Canada. 

A Temporary Resident Visa is likewise called a vacationer visa. 

The most important figuring out thing as to whether or not you require a Temporary Resident Visa earlier than visiting Canada is nationality. If you’re a citizen of a rustic that Canada has exempted from the Temporary Resident Visa requirement (called a “visa-exempt” country), you ought to alternatively acquire a digital Travel Authorization (eTA) earlier than visiting Canada with the aid of using air (if visiting over land, visa-exempt people might also additionally acquire approval to go into Canada on a brief foundation on the Canadian border). 

Travelers from all different international locations ought to acquire a Temporary Resident Visa. Most Temporary Resident Visa programs are accepted in a count number of days or weeks, even though the approval price and processing time vary from one visa workplace to another. Typically, visa holders are accepted for a multiple-access visa, letting them depart and re-input Canada with no need to reapply with Canada PR. 

Do I want a Temporary Resident Visa for Canada or an eTA?

The following hypothetical situations constitute a few not unusual place conditions for site visitors to Canada from across the world. 

Anthony is from India and has a flight booked to Toronto. He intends to discover southern Ontario as a traveler some weeks earlier than leaving Canada. 

Before boarding his flight Anthony ought to first observe for an eTA. This is executed pretty honestly on his smartphone. It costs CAD 7 and he’s accepted to journey within mins of applying. 

Anthony and his brother, Marcus, plan on assembly in Toronto. However, Marcus is already in North America and might be getting into Canada with the aid of using the bus. Because he isn’t always getting into with the aid of using air, and due to the fact he’s from a rustic whose residents are visa-exempt, Marcus does now no longer require both a TRV or an eTA. 

Find out in case you are eligible to observe.

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