Someone who has been awarded the permanent resident status in Canada after immigrating but is not a Canadian citizen is referred to as a permanent resident

Calculate your Admission score in the CRS system. Add up all of the points you’ve earned by looking at the categories of age, education, official language competency, second official language, and job experience in Canada. Furthermore, unless they can already legally work in Canada or have a legitimate employment offer from an employer, applicants must be able to demonstrate that they have adequate means to sustain themselves and their families.

Who is qualified to apply for permanent residency?

Anyone can apply for residency in Canada, but only those who are qualified will be approved. The concerned authorities will evaluate you to see whether you are qualified for permanent residence or not.

  • age
  • level of education
  • competence in an official language
  • fluency in a second official language
  • job experience in Canada


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The Benefits of Becoming a Canadian Permanent Resident

When establishing a new life in Canada, many foreign nationals look forward to the various benefits that come with Canada PR. These are some of the advantages:

Citizens in Canada have a greater say in politics and can vote in federal, provincial, and local elections. Citizens also have the right to run for office and participate in political activities, giving them a voice in who leads Canada’s many levels of government.

Citizens have the opportunity to apply for higher-level federal positions, which frequently pay well and provide benefits.

Dual citizenship – You are not compelled to pick Canada as your preferred home country as a Person belonging. You may apply for dual citizenship if it is appropriate to you.

Family – If a kid is born in Canada, he or she is immediately a Canadian citizen. This enables you to begin a better life for any future children without having to go through the immigration approval procedure.

Taxes – If you become a Canadian citizen but opt to live outside of the country, you may be excluded from paying Canadian taxes because they are calculated based on residency rather than citizenship.

Period of Permanent Residency in Canada. The PR Card is normally issued for five years and is renewable.