Canada’s Express Entry Program has resulted in a large influx of immigrants to the country over the years. The express-entry is an increasingly competitive program where applicants are ranked based on a Comprehensive Ranking System (ÇRS). The system assesses, scores, and ranks your profile in the Express Entry Pool. It invites individuals with the highest CRS score to apply for obtaining permanent resident status in Canada. 

CRS is a tool that can come into use if –

  • You are eligible for at least 1 year of an express entry system
  • You have not built their profile under express entry but wish to see what your CRS score might be
  • You received an invitation to apply for permanent residency and want to check if a slight change can affect your score.

Why Is It Important To Improve Your CRS Score?

No matter which program you apply to, you will have to deal with CRS to obtain a permanent visa as your application will be processed under Express entry only. This means you can hardly escape from being accessed under the CRS system. Therefore, it is vital to improving the score. 

Unless your profile has an exceptionally high CRS score, you should always make efforts to improve it- in order to maximize your chances of obtaining permanent residency in Canada. So before you connect with an Immigration Consultant in Canada, have a look at areas that can help in improving your CRS score.

Immigration Consultant in Canada

How To Improve Your CRS Score?

  • Language Assessment

 Retake your language assessment test. Each of the four categories of the language assessment test is worth 34 points if you score at a Canadian benchmark of 10 or higher. So if you score 10 in every category, your total is 136 points. Also, if you can speak and read Canada’s official languages, consider taking another test for language assessment. This will help you earn 6 points per category which totals up to 24 extra points.

  • Education Assessment

Have your education assessed. It is not necessary for you to hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree to be awarded points for your CRS. If you have an equivalent high-school diploma and are single, you will be awarded 30 points which can help you boost your CRS. Connect with an immigration consultant to know more about how you can earn points for different levels of education.

  • Family

Did you know that having a sibling or a relative in Canada who is also a permanent resident of the country can help you earn 15 points? So, they need to present proof of their permanent residency (copy of PR) and demonstrate evidence of your relationship with them to help you earn points.

  • Work Experience

One of the best ways of increasing your CRS score is through work experience in Canada. Bring together all your skills and experience, which will not only help you gain more points but translate into a strong resume in front of employers in Canada. 


CRS Score is one of the most integral parts of obtaining PR in Canada. If you are looking for trustable consultants who can help you secure a Canadian PR, PearVisa Canada can offer assistance. Connect with us today.