Canadian immigration chances will come up in 2021, despite the widespread closure of other nations’ immigration processes owing to the Coronavirus outbreak. More talented workers are being enticed to migrate to Canada as a means of boosting the economy. Because of this, Canada has earned a well-deserved image as a welcoming and laid-back destination for families. In addition, it’s regarded as one of the safest areas to reside in the country.

Clean air, high living conditions, and safe streets have long been sought for by residents of the nation. Canada may be one of the most desirable places to live and work, but there are still a lot of myths and misunderstandings that keep people from making the move. Pear Visa Canada has refuted three of the most commonly held immigration myths to help you avoid them.

  • Myth 1 – Harsh Weather Conditions

Winter is simply one of four distinct climate zones that make up North America’s four distinct seasons. We get all four, and they vary greatly depending on where you live in the nation. However, most of the nation has snow between November and March, making it technically just around three months long. The West Coast, particularly in Vancouver, receives little to no precipitation throughout the year and seldom drops below freezing. This time of year may see highs in the 30s for weeks on end over much of Canada. There’s a good chance that summer weather will begin towards the end of May and stay until mid-September, and it may be swelteringly hot at that time.

  • Myth 2 – French is the only language

Canada’s second official language, French, is spoken predominantly in Quebec, the country’s easternmost province. Even though most Canadian primary school students do not acquire French as a second language, the majority of them are fluent in the language.

  • Myth 3 – New Immigrant jobs

Canadians benefit from the economic contributions of immigrants. As a consequence, there is a smaller pool of Canadian-born employees to choose from. In addition to filling shortages in the workforce and paying taxes, immigrants contribute to the Canadian economy by spending money on products, housing, and transportation in our communities.

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