Known for its beautiful landscapes, flourishing economy, and multiculturalism, Canada holds the top rank among popular immigration destinations across the globe. With different types of immigration programs available for immigrants, anyone who wishes to move to Canada can migrate through several ways. A foreign worker, job seeker, international student, or even an entrepreneur, connects with our visa consultants in Canada to experience a hassle-free visa process and immigration journey. Since Express Entry is the popular immigration program for economic immigrants, there are several others- FSWP and CEC.

Why Does Canada Fall Among The Top Choice?

Being a well-developed country, Canada possesses beautiful views, an excellent climate, good infrastructure, and a robust economy. Having the highest nominal per capita income across the globe and highest H.D.I (Human Development Index). With an advanced economy that is 10th largest globally, trusting upon the ample natural resources, this country has a lot to offer.


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What Are The Three Main Immigration Programs?

  1. Federal Skilled Worker Program: Anyone aspiring to immigrate to Canada to work or become a permanent resident, this program is ideal for those who are looking for job opportunities. It is important for foreign workers to possess at least one year of experience. If a candidate wishes to apply for permanent resident via FSW (Federal Skilled Worker), they are required to meet the education, work experience, ad language proficiency needs.
  2. Canadian Experience Class: CED is one of the popular categories of the Express Entry program, a foreign national with a temporary residency card and work experience can apply through this program can apply for permanent residence. Once a resident acquires a permanent resident card, they can even apply for citizenship.
  3. Federal Skilled Trades Program: The FST program is ideal for those who are licensed to trade. Trade programs need manual and physical work. This means working in a constructional field such as Plumber, Carpenter, Electrician, and other niches. Candidates can seek a permanent resident visa via Federal Skilled Trades Program, this means, a foreign worker is required to be equipped with minimum work experience and language skills to apply for the visa. Any experienced or professional tradesperson who wishes to live in the country can apply through this program.

If you wish to immigrate to Canada or want to apply for permanent residence, Pearvisa Canada has a team of professional consultants who will work closely with you ensuring a smooth and hassle-free immigration journey.

We know that Canada holds a reputation for being a popular and migrant-friendly country that welcomes immigrants who wish to live a quality lifestyle. Our professionals help the clients navigate through different categories and help them choose the right one for them.