Canada, without a doubt, is the most beautiful and popular country that is responsible for attracting many to immigrate to here. The land of maple leaf and wonderful landscape has a solid healthcare system, excellent education system, and more, which ranks Canada at #3 for having robust academics. 

With amazing opportunities and numerous benefits of living and working there, many wish to immigrate under our immigration consultant in Canada through express entry.

So, what is Express Entry? This is an electronic system that is trusted and opted for managing applications of skilled workers who aspire to seek permanent residency in Canada. Once individual wishes to apply for immigration through express entry, the federal government regulates if an applicant is eligible for the program or not. Eligible candidates will get approval and accepted into the pool and are ranked as per the CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System). CRS is a point-based process issued by the government to evaluate and rank the applicants in the Express Entry pool. The score is later calculated based on their age, qualification, work experience, language skills, and more. Every two weeks, the government chooses the highest-scoring applicant from the express entry pool and offers them an ITA (Invitation to Apply) for Permanent residency.

How is the coronavirus outbreak impacting the express entry?

Canada conducted an Express Entry pool regularly during the pandemic and has invited the highest level of migrants since this system was launched in 2015. Canada requires skilled workers to build a new and lavish life and support their healthy society and economy. Since Express Entry is the main way that Canada tends to manage their applications, from 2021 to 2023, the country aims to welcome more than 1 lakhs immigrants each year.


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How does EE work?

Express Entry is a simple system that entails two stages:

1. Eligible candidates express their interest and purpose in applying for Canadian permanent residency.

2. The Canadian government sends out an invitation to the highest-scoring applicants to immigrate. You can connect with our best PR Consultants in Canada who will ensure a smooth express entry visa process.

How to submit the express entry profile to acquire a PR visa to immigrate to Canada?

  1. Check eligibility criteria for Express Entry.
  2. Complete your language test and acquire ECA (Educational Credential Assessment).
  3. Submit your profile with required documents on the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada).
  4. Wait for the ITA for permanent residency from the IRCC.
  5. Submit your application for APR (Application for Permanent Residence) to IRCC and pay the fees before the deadline. Attach medical exam and police certificates to the documents to receive an AOR (Acknowledgement of Receipt).
  6. Submit your biometrics to the IRCC and wait for them to make the final decision on the APR.

We at Pearvisa have a team of Immigration Consultants in Canada that structures a strategy providing tailored assistance to clients. Connecting with our professionals and hiring our services will ensure a smooth and successful journey.