Every year, thousands of students take admission to Canadian universities and make a move to Canada. In addition to the world-class education system, Canada also offers numerous career opportunities, vibrant culture, and fascinating outdoors. Therefore, an increasing number of students from all over the world are taking up degrees and diplomas in the top Canadian Universities. 

But how daunting is it to get a student visa, also referred to as the Study permit, for Canada? Figuring this out would play a pivotal role when you have made your decision for where you’d like to study in Canada. So, if you are envisioning what all you need to do for obtaining your Canadian study permit, Pearvisa Canada can help you. 

At Pearvisa, we are a team of qualified and seasoned consultants who are dedicated to assisting students in fulfilling their dreams. From offering guidance to application in universities and from applying for visa to accommodation, we’ll stand by your side till you settle down in Canada. Here’s How we’ll go about it-

1. Apply At A university in Canada 

If you’re not sure where you wish to study in Canada, our consultants offer counseling to help you discover your options available. We’ll offer you complete support and assistance in applying to the course and university of your choice successfully. After being accepted by the university, an acceptance letter will be provided to you that will be required at the time of visa application.

2. Apply for A Student Visa in Canada

After you obtain your acceptance letter, the next step is to apply for your study permit. Our consultants will guide you through the process, and ensure that there are no mistakes or delays in your application. 

visa consultants in Canada

3. Prepare the Documents required for Student Visa

  • Original Letter of Acceptance
  • Valid passport or travel document, which will enable you to return to your home country.
  • Two recent passport size photographs as per the required specifications ( name and date of birth on the back of photo)
  • Evidence that you have financial sources to support yourself during your study program. 
  • Letter of intent
  • Evidence that you have paid the fees for the study permit

4. Language Requirements

Although, proof of English Language Skills is not a requirement under the document list for a Canadian student visa. Unless you are a resident of an English-speaking country, universities in Canada will need submission of an English language proficiency proof. IELTS, TOEFL iBT, and C1 Advanced are the most common tests for language proficiency proofs.

5. Interview Preparation

Interviews are a crucial stage in visa approval. Our consultants will prepare you for the interview so that you can clear it and obtain your visa.

6. Receive Your Visa And Settle In Canada

The processing time may take up to 90 days, but mostly it’s faster. Once you receive the visa, we’ll make arrangements for your ticketing and accommodation. Our visa consultants in Canada will help you find a home for your stay in Canada. 


There you go! Now that you’ve understood the process and how Pearvisa can be of help, what keeps you waiting? Connect with our consultants to have an enriching immigration experience.