While the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Switzerland are popular destinations for immigrants, one country stands out above the rest of them. Canada is acknowledged as one of the elite countries in the world, and it is a magnificent choice for individuals seeking foremost the best lifestyle.

This Great White Northland is also eminent for the tapestry approach to its cultural diversity, in which individuals of particular ethnicities coexist peacefully while sustaining the aspects of their cultural history and traditional religious conventions.

Canada is often referred to as an “Immigrant paradise. “Canada astonishes the world by securing an enormous number of immigrants each year. The Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada must approve their immigration status. Thereafter they can apply for it and acquire the status of Canadian PR.

Canada offers a variety of immigration programs that authorize people to apply for permanent residence. The most prominent among these are:

  • Express entry program
  • Provincial nominee program
  • Business immigration program 
  • Family class immigrants 
  • Experience class immigration



The Canadian government also implemented the Express Entry system to supervise applications for permanent residency through several economic immigration strategies. The individuals who apply for a PR visa under the Express Entry program must undergo a points-based selection process. The Express Entry System is divided into three sub-categories.

  • Federal Skilled Workers Program 
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program 
  • Canadian Experience Class 

The Express Entry System allows skilled migrants to apply for Permanent Residency in Canada. The Canadian government launched this initiative in 2015 to encourage skilled professionals to come and settle down in their nation.

Plenty of folks wish to hold the status of Canadian PR, but it’s not that smooth. People often encounter several complexities in getting their visas after learning about the visa rules and regulations. A substantial amount of documents is requisite to get a PR Visa including perfection in their all-inclusive documents. If the Immigration council gets any sort of disparity in your documents, then you have to wait for a long instance of time to get the PR status.

People who are aware of these circumstances usually consider soliciting the assistance of a professional. As a repercussion, they pursue the guidance of a Visa Consultants in Canada to ensure a seamless visa application procedure.

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