Canada is a coveted nation for hope and opportunity. Plenty of individuals opt for Canada to accomplish their future aspects and opportunities in their area of proficiency. 

In 2022, the Government intends to welcome 411,000 individuals to go with permanent residency, and that figure is expected to rise. Surpassing its goal set last year and establishing a record for the largest immigration year on record.

Canada is highly distinguished for its high standard of living as well as its exceptional quality of life. Canada’s Medicare system offers free primal health care to everyone including the permanent resident, based on need rather than the ability to pay.

Canada was among few of the nations to incorporate in the highest percentile for math, science, and reading, per the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

In January 2015, Canada established the Express Entry system. Under this initiative, those with one year of (Proficient Work Experience) are eligible to apply for Canada Immigration. A lot of foreign immigrants adapt to being permanent residents. It is imperative that if you are contemplating Canadian permanent residence then prepare yourself that the procedure could be complex, time-consuming, and arduous with time.

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