Pandemic has changed the travel guidelines to different countries and many have to follow the new rules to migrate to their favorite country. Similarly, Canada is the most demanded country in the world to travel for different purposes, and post covid in 2021 there have been new guidelines and schemes issued by the Canadian government by which you can easily fly to Canada. There are 5 different convenient ways to migrate to Canada in 2021 which are given below for your reference, and the best PR consultants in Canada can help your way out to migrate in Canada by these easy methods:

  • Express Entry Program – Express entry allows immigrants who are experienced and skilled in their trait work and can offer their working skills can apply under the express entry program for Canadian visa and immigration.


  • Family Sponsorship Program – Families in Canada can sponsor their relatives to come to Canada and get a permanent residence visa. To qualify for the family sponsorship program for your relatives to come to Canada, you must have a residency or permanent citizenship of Canada.


  • LMIA Visa Work – You qualify for a job in Canada and then apply for a work visa and then immigrate to Canada, but in the LMIA procedure, you can directly apply for a work visa under the LMIA program to be qualified for the visa after getting selected for the job. This process is a bit tedious but your chances of getting a Canada PR increases.


best PR consultants in Canada


  • Provincial Nominee Program – Provincial nominee program is the most popular way of migrating to Canada as there are different provinces in Canada that provide visas and you can fly to these different provinces of Canada to apply for your permanent resident visa.


  • Canadian Investor Program – In this program, if you are worthy enough to invest a heavy amount for overseas business in Canada and can invest in the economic growth of Canada then you can apply for permanent residence under this investor program. An eligible and best PR consultant in Canada can help you with the same.

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