Moving to a foreign land is never easy, it comes with its complexities, overwhelming migrating process, and challenges. However, with proper knowledge and assistance, you can make it through the immigration process hassle-free. Although Canada is an immigrant-friendly country, you need to get in touch with the trusted and best immigration consultant in Canada to seek guidance. If you are planning to move here to pursue education, there are a few things that you should know about. Canada is a popular country among international students who wish to attain higher education.

Let’s cover the things you should know about studying in this beautiful country:

  • Studying is Affordable: In comparison to other popular countries, Canada offers relatively cheap education. They have low undergraduate tuition fees, in fact, the living cost is quite similar to competitive countries such as Australia and the United States of America. You can find apartment rent costs between $400 and $1,600, a month, though it may vary depending on where you are living.
  • Two Official Languages: Yes! If you are planning to study in Quebec or any other province of the country, you will be required to learn French along with English. Both French and English are the official languages in the country.
  • Cold Weather: Those who are planning to pursue education in Canada, prepare themselves to live to reside in cold weather for months. Bring good winter jackets, pair of gloves, winter boots, and more. Expect a delay in transportation during the winter months, you will have to learn how to navigate through the snow.

immigration consultant in Canada

  • Choose Your University: There are numerous colleges, universities, and institutions in Canada. Most of them are publically funded and accredited. You have to carefully choose your university to receive the highest source of education. Contact our immigrant consultant to seek proper guidance in choosing the right college or university.
  • Canada Study Visa: A Study permit is not required if you wish to take the short-term program for six months or less. You can enroll in short-term courses and programs at any reputed college or learning institution. Depending on your country or nationality, you may need to acquire a temporary residence permit that can be processed whenever.

Keep these in mind, and for those who plan to study in Canada, Contact PearVisa. If you wish to apply for a permanent residence visa, connect with our best PR Consultants in CanadaOur team of professionals and qualified immigrant consultants or lawyers adheres to standards of client service while helping you with the immigration process. Canada, as we know, houses some of the reputed and best universities in the world offering numerous courses and programs. There are universities that offer work opportunities which makes it easier for you to get a PR in comparison to other countries.