Canada is a popular destination for professionals seeking an overseas career. As one of the largest economies, Canada promises a comfortable life with the highest standards of living. The immigrant-friendly policies of Canada have motivated foreign nationals to migrate and work for a better life.

Canada PR Visa is a popular choice amongst migrants looking forward to settling down in the country. Providing a plethora of benefits, permanent residency in Canada is a well-sought type of immigration status. 

Canada extends PR Visa under various immigration programs. Those planning to apply for PR can get guidance on the immigration programs from Visa consultants in Canada to know in detail about all these programs. 

One of the most popular programs is the express entry system. Candidates applying for PR Visa through the Express Entry System have to go through a point-based system, the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). 

Candidates are allocated a score under the express entry pool. The highest-ranked candidates are then issued an Invitation To Apply i.e., ITA, for permanent residency in Canada. To obtain their PR, a candidate needs to improve their CRS score.

Here are 8 key areas you can work upon to increase your CRS-

Work on Language

Language ability caters to up to 260 CRS points for one candidate. English and French are the official languages of Canada. A candidate needs to have a decent knowledge of both languages to gain more points. If you do not have prerequisite knowledge of French, it may be wise to consider taking classes to learn the language.

Work Experience

For CRS Score, Canadian work experience can fetch you more points than Non-Canadian experience. If a candidate does not have three-year full-time work experience, they should keep working. An Individual working in Canada on a work permit will achieve their goal acutely and gain more points for their CRS.


permanent residency in Canada


Canada Study Experience

Studying in Canada can fetch more points for students applying for Canada PR. A Canadian education qualification will significantly improve their CRS.


CRS score can be increased with a candidate’s degrees, diplomas, and certificates. Having two or more educational qualifications can help you gain points under the education section. 

Add Points through Spouse

Candidates can improve their CRS score through their significant spouse’s level of education, language ability, and work experience. One can add up to 20 points from their better half’s first language scores.

Learn About Provincial Nominee Programs

A nomination from any province under the express entry system can give your application a 600 point boost. In most cases, after the nomination, candidates are provided ITA in the next draw. All you need to take care of is to provide complete education work record details, stay updated about migration news and keep all documents reviewed. This helps in making an application swiftly as PNP programs open and close very quickly.

Have a Job offer

Although the relative value of job offer letters has dropped down to 50 points, it is important to obtain one. It might get difficult for candidates currently not staying in Canada, but they can try applying for jobs online for Canadian job opportunities.

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