Every year, Canada surpasses its own annual immigrant intake. The welcoming nature of Canada is widely known and that results well for its economic growth. With the ease of immigration and excellent opportunities, most people from across the globe settle down in Canada. Canada provides a wide range of benefits to those coming to its abode. Find out what benefits can one get with the permanent residency status in Canada. 

Build a Career in Canada 

Canada comes among the top countries in the world preferred by foreign nationals to work and settle in. The nation has emerged as one of the top destinations to experience excellent work and business opportunities, multicultural experience, and an extraordinary quality of life. With a PR, you can conveniently move to any territory or province of Canada. You can switch jobs without having to stick with an employer or a particular job. Seek professional help from visa consultants in Canada for your PR application. 

Bringing Your Family to Canada 

 Canada has multiple immigration programs under which you are allowed to bring your family to Canada as well. Sponsoring family members is easier in Canada and so is applying for the PR application of your family members. Check the eligibility for the appropriate immigration program and bring your family members to Canada. 


Visa Consultants in Canada


Extend/Renew Your Visa Every 5 Years 

The majority of the Canada PR status cards have a validity period of 5 years. Some PR cards have 1-year validity but most of them are valid for 5 years. The good thing about Canada PR is that it can be renewed after 5 years and there is no fixed limit as to how many times can one extend their visa status. 

Get Universal Healthcare  

The standard of living of Canada is one of the best perks about it and its Universal Healthcare is an excellent benefit that Canadian Citizens get. With Canadian PR status, you also get eligible for the Universal healthcare schemes that are made available by the Canadian Government and authorities. Free medical care and cover for medication or prescription drugs are given to all its PR holders. As a permanent resident in Canada, one can apply for public health insurance. 

The list of benefits that one can get with Canada PR is quite a long one. Free education, freedom to switch jobs, move across the nation, and even the freedom of starting a business, are just some of the many benefits that one can get with their Canadian PR status. 

Connect with expert visa consultants in Canada to know about immigration programs in Canada and which one can you use to apply. Immigration consultants can help with the complete immigration process and make the visa application procedure convenient for you.