If there is one country that has made immigration easier for foreign nationals within its premises then it has to be Canada. The nation offers a variety of immigration programs that are designed to welcome immigrants from across the world. One such pathway to acquiring Canadian Permanent Residence is Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program a.k.a. The PNP. In addition to all the lucrative immigration programs, the PNP is also an interesting immigration program meant for people willing to migrate to Canada. 

With the help of Immigration consultant in Canada, people have much higher chances of succeeding at their immigration application. Let us find out what is a PNP and everything there is to know about the said program. 

The PNP – What’s the Deal?

It is a two-tier immigration process between the Provincial-Territorial Government and the Federal Govt. of Canada. Each Canadian Province with the exception of Quebec offers multiple PNP streams. These streams are specifically designed by Provinces to help meet their immigration goals. 

The eligibility criteria and application processes for the PNPs vary from province to province. Also, as this is a two-tier process, Canada’s Provinces cannot give the PR status to applicants without having the approval from the Federal Government. 

To simply put it, securing a provincial nomination is part one of this two-tier process. At first, the immigrant is approved by the Province and then they are required to apply at the Federal Level.  

Immigration Consultant in Canada

How Can I Be Eligible for a PNP?

One thing which every candidate needs to know about Canadian PNP is that these vary from Province to Province. No set eligibility criteria will help you to sail through because every Province devises its own eligibility criteria based on demographics and economic needs. 

Some PNPs prioritize immigrants that specialize in occupations that are high in demand while others prioritize the immigrants having multilingual abilities. Most immigration programs are devised to churn out the immigrants having high educational background, strong language skills and skilled work experience with which they can contribute to the economy of the nation. 

Get associated with the best PR consultants in Canada who can help you in finding the right program for you based on your education and work experience. 

Application for the Provincial Nominee Program, Canada 

The application to any of the PNP is a 4-step procedure. Have a look:

  • Finding the ideal PNP: Consult with the immigration consultant in Canada to know which of the Provinces would be an ideal place for you to migrate. They can help you in determining your eligibility for the program and fulfilling all the requirements for the same. 
  • Submit Application: Now, submit an application to the Province of your choice or territory 
  • Obtain your Provincial Nomination Certificate: If and when your application gets approved, the Province will nominate you to apply for your Permanent Residence in Canada 
  • Submit Application for PR: Now, apply to the Canadian Federal Govt. for PR. If your PNP is aligned with express Entry, you can submit this online or else you will have to submit it on a paper-based application. 

Immigrating through PNPs is said to be one of the smoothest ways of immigrating to Canada. But immigration in itself is a daunting task. Taking the help of a representative can be very helpful for those who are planning to relocate to Canada.