Canada gives several programs under which anyone can apply for acquiring a permanent residence visa and settle in Canada. Age factor also matters a lot, if you have to apply under a specific program for availing of Permanent Residency in Canada and serve your purpose of living in that province. Federal skilled worker programs are one such category in which age features do portray a difference. If you are eligible under the Express Entry pool, yes if you are at the age of 47 or more than that, then you are not eligible to avail the points of age factor of the comprehensive ranking system of the federal skilled worker programme. The federal skilled worker program is a category in which a person who is having a work experience of foreign work and is also well-preached and skilled under the specific trait, then that particular individual lies under this category to apply for this programme to get permanent residency in Canada. 

Age is a major factor, but adding to this factor there are several eligibility criteria to be eligible for this programme and these criteria are as follows:

  • Age is mandatory, if you are 47 or above then you are not eligible to avail of the age factor policies of the government in that particular program
  • Education is must you must be having a degree as a graduate or having a skilled working certificate of any specific trait 
  • There are some Visa Consultants in Canada that will make you aware of the work experience, that you want and you should have in a specific field to quality the permanent residency eligibility for Canada.
  • You should also have a valid job offer that will give proof of stabilization in the country, and earn a living
  • You should have English language skills, and knowing French is also an added advantage  
  • Adaptable assurance and confidence that you will live for a long time in the country


Visa Consultants in Canada


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