Canada is beautiful! From its refreshing lakes to its magnificent mountains, it is one of the most stunning countries in the entire world. Living and settling in Canada has been a dream of many people, although not many get to do it. 

There are various exciting and fascinating facts about living in Canada that many people still don’t know! –

  • The country offers remarkable healthcare benefits and insurance plans.
  • The city of Ottawa is the second most cold capital in the world after Moscow.
  • Canada, of all nations, has the longest coastline in the world!
  • The country has six different time zones.
  • About half of the country is coated with forests.
  • The average life expectancy of the country is the sixth highest in the world.

Universities and the Education System in Canada! –

Apart from its beautiful landscapes and culture, Canada also has a varied and diverse learning system that benefits individuals with logical, technical and creative streams. There are both public and private universities that excel in providing different degrees. Although private universities cost much more than public universities, getting into public universities is much more laborious.

The country majorly offers degrees like bachelors, masters’, diploma courses, summer courses, doctorates, and language courses! The system gives the ex-pats the option to choose from either English or French as their learning language. 


Things to keep in mind before applying for education in Canada! –

There are many more details one needs to contemplate before choosing a program and prepare their applications. That’s why it is necessary to sign up for a reliable consultation service.

The Required Documents –

You should have all the required documents in one place! It includes all the essentials such as your passport, your letter of acceptance, credit proof, academic documents, medical certificates, language proficiency scores, passport size photos, study permit and visa!

The Canadian Visa – 

It is essential to apply for a Canadian visa on time to prevent delays in your application. There are different kinds of visas one can apply to, but every kind has a different purpose! This is why visa consultants in Canada are very much sought after! You can also take help from Pearvisa Canada.

Before applying for a student visa, make sure you have an acceptance letter from a Canadian university or a designated learning institution (DLI). Make sure you have taken all the fee into account, including the medical, biometrics and policemen certificate fee!

Essentials –

These are some fundamental details to look into before you plan on buying that plane ticket. 

  • One should always look for proper accommodation beforehand itself. One can get help from Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, Padmapper etc!
  • It’s beneficial to look for a cell phone plan at the beginning itself. Canadian cell phone plans tend to be costlier than other countries, but one can divide their needs and opt for a comparatively cheaper one as well.
  • It’s important to get a working tablet or a laptop for your study material. Every university in Canada encourages the use of a working electronic device for researching and working on assignments!
  • Make sure you have enough clothes for the wintery weather in the country. It is always better to pack well than look for essentials on your first week.