Working in a foreign country in between the foreign environment gives you an experience level and satisfactory career goals, for doing the same you need to fly to your desired country by taking a valid visa and immigration for the country. Many people every year travel to Canada from all over the world for different purposes like study, job, business etc and for that they need a well-qualified visa consultant or an agent, and after landing in Canada, they strictly require an immigration consultant in Canada which can help them to register under the desired category of visa and immigration procedures for permanent residency. One such category of visa is CEC or Canadian experience class, under which an experienced worker and skilled professional who have experience of working in Canada can apply under this program for permanent residency and they can avail all the benefits under this visa like a normal citizen, but for that, you should consult a skilled immigration consultant in Canada who can help you out with the same. 

Here are some eligibility criteria of (CEC) Canadian experience class which are given down below:

  • Should have at least one year of experience in relevant work and post in Canada for the application
  • You must need to apply within 3 years after getting a work experience
  • You should be having legal status on work or study which you are doing in Canada
  • It is preferred to meet at least minimum language levels in French and English to sustain the visa procedure
  • If you are planning to live outside Quebec province then this visa is right for you.

An immigration consultant can be your best source of generating immigration help and all the visa procedure if you are in Canada looking for PR and a settlement for a lifetime, as the skilled advisory will lead you to a satisfactory level of achieving a PR in that province. You can always find some peculiar advantages of hiring an immigration or visa consultant by your side in which they will help you and guide you about what is right and wrong in the process of applying for Canadian immigration, which will eventually ease your visa hassle and offer you a sustainable and satisfactory immigration and visa solutions.

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